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FDA - Food Supply From Japan FAQ

FAQ Regarding Food Supply From Japan - Thursday, March 24, 2011

Click "Read More" to read the FDA's responses to frequently asked questions regarding the food supply imported from Japan.

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Reinhart FoodService's Commitment to Excellence

Reinhart FoodService (RFS) is committed to providing safe, wholesome product to our customers. In the event of a product withdrawal or recall, RFS posts customer notifications to this site.

Customers that could possibly have received product from RFS that is involved in a recall or withdrawal receive specific notifications from RFS.

Questions pertaining to recall procedures should be directed to RFS customers should contact their local RFS distribution center and ask for the recall coordinator if they have recall questions regarding their involvement in a particular recall. Requests for pick up and/or credits can be directed to the customer service department at each local RFS center. 


RFS Recall Notices - Downloads
Reinhart Not Involved
28 Jul 2014
Rapid Response

Download information on Reinhart's Rapid Response Product Withdrawal Calling Program. 

27 Jun 2011
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